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Strategic project:

Manager training

Similing Equipe

The Manager Training project arose from the need to map the company's key areas, as well as the provision of solutions that provide the business with the guarantee of its perpetuity, and the achievement of processes and procedures.

Parallel to the project, a new organizational architecture was built with a focus on business sustainability, which in turn is a marker of the key areas of each company in the group, making this work a valuable input to the process of identifying and training successors.


Therefore, the justification for this project is to develop a training program for trainee leaders. Which in turn is extremely relevant at the current moment of the Ibacem Group, as it highlights all the desire and vision of senior management to guarantee robustness to management processes; treating, reducing and, when possible, eliminating damages and losses related to the loss of intellectual capital.



Develop a training model for managers (trainees) who can occupy tactical and strategic management positions in the organization, in order to guarantee security of internal processes and continuity of deliveries in all areas, whether administrative (support) or operational.



  • Define and train replacements for Ibacem leaders, creating the opportunity to anticipate future situations, ensuring that the successor is ready when assuming the new role.

  • Develop an action plan for the transition of command, aiming to decide which strategic areas will be considered and which should be occupied.

  • Guarantee successful business continuity, without losses and risks, ensuring the sustainability of Ibacem to its employees, the market and stakeholders.


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